Adjunct Professor Abdullah Omari

MBBS(Hons), MMED, PhD, FRACP, FRACMA, DDU(Vascular), FACP, Amer. Board. Vasc. Med, FSVM, FACC, FAHA

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Adjunct Professor Abdullah Omari is dedicated to providing indivualised and personalised vascular care

Vascular Medicine Services

 Services provided include:

  • Vascular Medical Consulation
  • Vascular Medical Testing and Investigations
  • Vascular Medical Treatment

A Multidisciplinary Team

Adjunct Professor Omari has access to a team of health professionals to provide a mutlidisciplinary approach to care located in:

  • St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney
  • St. Vincent's Private Hospital, Sydney
  • St. Vincent's Clinic

  • Vascular Medical Consultation

    Adjunct Professor Omari is experienced and an expert in the clinical assessment of patient's with vascular disorders. A dedicated and meticulous history is taken in a thoughtful and professional manner that allows his patients to ask questions and be an active member of the consultation. A directed and through clinical examination is performed to complement the medical history to provide further information regarding each individual person's vascular condition. This is process is undertaken to ensure that Adjunct Professor Omari's patient's receive an accurate assessment to assist in determining their vascular requirements.

    A key component to each patient's consultation is that during every stage of the assessment, his patient's are educated about their condition, are able to freely ask questions, and are the centre of the medical consultation process.  

  • Vascular Medical Testing and Investigations

    After an initial assessment, further testing and investigations may be required to provide further information in delivering vascular care to a patient. Adjunct Professor Omari has access to the latest and most up-to-date investigative measures to ensure that patient's receive the highest levels of care. He is well versed in all aspects of vascular testing and has a Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound (DDU) in Vascular Ultrasound and is qualified to interpret specialised Vascular Ultrasound testing.

  • Vascular Medical Treatment

    Adjunct Professor Omari is well positioned to provide and facilitate the highest levels of medical treatment to his patients. This may range from reassurance and education to patient 's about their particular vascular question, to pharmacotherapy (medications), or if required, an intervention. In the event that hospitalisation is required as part of treatment, patient's can be reassured that Adjunct Professor Omari is able to care for them at the St. Vincent's Hospital Campus (St. Vincent's Hospital and St. Vincent's Private Hospital), a world-class hospital campus offering best-in-class services, facilities, and expertise.