Adjunct Professor Abdullah Omari

MBBS(Hons), MMED, PhD, FRACP, FRACMA, DDU(Vascular), FACP, Amer. Board. Vasc. Med, FSVM, FACC, FAHA

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Adjunct Professor Omari's vascular care is underpinned by the use of evidence-based medicine, compassion and care, patient education, reassurance, and support

Vascular Medicine Expert

Every patient is unique, and their medical requirements will vary depending on their individual circumstances. Therefore an expert in the area of Vascular Medicine is vital to ensure the approriate care is delivered for your vascular meeds.

Clear and effective communication and information

Information regarding your condition is an essential component to your medical care. Adjunct Professor Omari removes the jargon to clearly, effectivley and reassuringly provide you with the information you need toassist with your vascular care.

Every patient is different, however some information regarding
common vascular disorders are available below. It is important to note that this information serves as general information and is not intended to replace or provide medical care.